The first investigation lasted through Episodes 1 - 3.

It is about an abandoned school suicide mystery. A group of friends in the puppet club, from when they were kids, are all gathered to an abandoned school. One by one, they are all being murdered.
Sakon is aided by Funasaki Hazuki, one of the classmates from the club.

The second investigation lasted through Episodes 4 - 7.

It's about a puppet mansion that Sakon went to so he could see a statue of a two-face demoness. But another guest has been murdered?! The story revolves around pop Idol Mai, her group of friends and affiliates.
Sakon is aided by his aunt, Tachibana Kaoruko, and Kawai Mai.

The third investigation lasted through Episodes 8 - 10.

Ukon needed to be repaired but during the night when Sakon was about to retrieve him, the workshop Ukon's supposed to be at is burned along with the man working to repair Ukon. What is the fate of Ukon, and in this state of depression without Ukon, can Sakon solve the mystery of who burned the workshop and why?
Sakon is aided by Fukami Sayoko.

The fourth investigation lasted through Episodes 11 - 13.

Sakon was invited by the Akizuki family to a Bunraku performance. But while in the middle of a conversation after his performance with the main head of the family, the main head receives a call and suddenly leaves. A few hours later, another call is received and says that the main head is murdered by his own son?!
Sakon is aided by his photographer friend, Zenkichi Fujita and the youngest in the Akizuki family, Akizuki Shiho.

The fifth investigation lasted through Episodes 14 - 17. 

Title: The Hell of the Egyptian Pharaoh's Curse . Edit
It's about a murder of a director of an ancient Egyptian museum.
Sakon is accompanied by his aunt, Kaoruko and teacher Kisaragi Ittetsu.

The sixth investigation lasted through Episodes 18 - 20 

Title: Takigi Noh, Kaoru and Compassions for Tragic Love

Note: The kanji for Kaoru means fragrance, so the title may also be read as "Takigi Noh smells of Tragic Love". Edit
While Kaoruko was meeting her arranged marriage, the mask of the family she was to marry into is found to be crying blood. The head of the family brushed it off as a superstition but the next morning during a performance, he was shot through the head by a crossbow arrow and died at the spot. Is this just a superstition afterall or is there more to it than meets the eye?
Sakon is accompanied by his aunt, Kaoruko.

The seventh investigation lasted through episode 21 -23

Title: Ghost story from the heart of Hida

Sakon and Ukon arrived at Hida Takayama. There, they encounter a ghost! The ghost was apparently the spirit of Tsukiko Rei who had committed suicide. And Numata, who used to be her boyfriend, started to act like a totally different person. Then, he was killed by the ghost?
Sakon is accompanied by his friend, Zenkichi. As well as Nishimura Hoshie and Nishimura Tsukiko.

Title: Flower of Love: Scattering Petals in the Showers.

Sakon prepares for a family puppeteer event, however his grandfather gets sick and must pass the torch to Sakon, much to the dismay of others. One of Sakon's uncles dies on set, and the murderer is on the loose, now trying to kill Sakon.
Sakon is accompanied by Kaoruko, Zenkichi, and Shiho in this investigation.
At the end of the last episode, Hazuki, Mai, Sayo, Ittetsu, Hoshie and Tsukiko, all appear in the audience to watch Sakon's play.

The eight investigation lasted through episodes 24-26.

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