Sakon Tachibana (橘 左近 Tachibana Sakon): A master puppeteer who likes to travel and solve mysteries along his journeys with his puppet and best friend, Ukon. When he does not have Ukon with him, he is a very timid, humble young boy. However, once he places Ukon on his hand, he develops a careful, quiet, observant and calculating personality. He is displayed as a brilliant young man who can solve any case but feels that sometimes it is best "not to see everything so clearly", and is often underestimated by the criminals because of his young age and occupation as a puppeteer. He is also considered very handsome and cute, despite his young age and is often hit on by older women, much to his embarrassment and annoyance. He often worries whenever Ukon is not with him, considering him as his family, and is shown to have a kind heart and will do his best to help those in need. It has been shown that when he was younger, he was often bullied for liking and playing with puppets and that when he was seven, his father committed suicide after injuring another performer's face by accident.

Quotes Edit

"People cannot live in grief" -Said during most of the episode endings.

"The masters of puppets are the masters of humans. Ventriloquism is also mind reading. Not only the voice itself is mimicked, but the voice of the soul as well." -Said before a mystery is explained and solved.

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